Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's Going to Get a WHOLE Lot Worse Long Before it Gets Better

Just take a look at this Associated Press link that tracks homelessness stories:

This excerpt sums it up rather well:

"Homeless advocates and city officials say it’s outrageous that in the shadow of a booming tech economy - where young millionaires dine on $15 wood-grilled avocado and think nothing of paying $1,000 for an iPhone X - thousands of families can’t afford a home. Many of the homeless work regular jobs, in some cases serving the very people whose sky-high net worth is the reason housing has become unaffordable for so many."
"The booming economy, fueled by the tech sector, and decades of under-building have led to an historic shortage of affordable housing. It has upended the stereotypical view of people out on the streets as unemployed: They are retail clerks, plumbers, janitors - even teachers - who go to work, sleep where they can and buy gym memberships for a place to shower."

And yet it's often the very tech bros causing the problem who call homeless people lazy, and want them out of sight.

The photos at the link are every bit as heartbreaking as the stories. And it's going to get much worse when the government passes its tax bill this month, and destroys Social Security and Medicare through "entitlement reform" in 2018, which has been their plan all along. Unless people unite and go on strike nationwide for living wages, things are going to go back to Great Depression-era desperation.